About Murumate

What is it about?
The Name:

MURUMATE is an artificial word that is based on the words "Murmuration" and "Mate".


A Murmuration is a spectacular, magical fusion of birds. The formation of many, individual birds acting as a self-contained, huge, living organism. The birds fly together in identical directions and then suddenly change their trajectory, as if they had previously "agreed". The birds are free to join or leave the formation.

The App:

Whether meeting new people or catching up with old friends, arranging a date or securing a business partnership.


You've had a great meeting and you've decided to swap contact information, and the question arises, how to do that quickly and simply?


With MURUMATE you are able to share contact info that best suits the situation, at the touch of a button.


Take the opportunity to prepare your own individual business/personal cards in advance, and then when a suitable situation arises, share the card that fits that situation best in seconds.


In addition MURUMATE allows you to add a short note when sharing your contact info, to add that memorable or personalised touch.


Interested? Here we go!

Different Cards

Annas Cards

About Anna

Anna lives in London. During the week and on weekends Anna loves to go out with her friends and meet new people. In her spare time she works as a volunteer. Annas day job is working as a professional freelancer. In order to realize herself and to be completely independent, she has also just started to build up her own business. Anna is single at the moment and... you never know what the future might bring :-)


In order to have her contact details quickly and easily available in a suitable situation, Anna has created the following cards in MURUMATE:

Pauls Cards

About Paul

Paul lives in Berlin. He's a Coffee Maniac and calls the local Starbucks his second home. He's also way deep into sports training like the green version of Bruce Banner with a tiny bit more open and "social" attitude ;-).Pauls day job is working as a Web-Developer. He's a true fiend to everything technical always sticked to his geeky gadgets. He has a lot to tell but is also ;known to be a good listener when joining in a conversation with other people.


To make sure the next Steve Gates or Arnold Stallone won't remember his name as twisted as he obviously did with theirs Paul has created the following cards in MURUMATE

Why Choose Murumate

What it is about?

Never waste an interesting potential encounter again, too busy to write down contact details, unsure of your new phone number, or the exact URL of your social media account.

  • MURUMATE Works "cross-platform" on iPhones & Android-Devices.
  • MURUMATE stores data exclusively on your mobile phone (your data will not be transferred to a third-party server, stored or forwarded).
  • MURUMATE does not use advertising.
  • With MURUMATE you have the freedom to decide how much you want to share from your contact details according to the situation.
  • MURUMATE saves you from remembering long character sequences and searching for profile data in various apps.
  • Thanks to MURUMATE it is not necessary for the recipient to note or remember your contact information.
  • You can add a note to each card just before sharing. For example: "Met @Starbucks in London". If the recipient can't remember your name he will be able to simply search for "London" or "Starbucks" and find your shared contact details later.
  • You can also split individual fields for sharing. E.g.: Choose to share only a link or an e-mail address of one of your cards.
  • You can also send the individual fields via the native "Share" dialog of your mobile phone to your already known contacts.


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Murmuration: A magical formation of Starlings building shapes that looks random and lose, but stable and reliable at the same time.


Mate: A friend. Often used to show that two people share a space or are involved in the same activity, like: Flat-mate, team-mate or work-mate...


MURUMATE: An App to turn a meeting that looked random and lose first into a stable reliable and unforgettable entry to your Contact-App on iPhones and Android devices.